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Africa Direct is an exciting new business initiative bringing together the combined strengths and divisons of the TP ICAP Group to focus on offering a one-stop shop for African business.

The TP ICAP group provides a wide variety of execution and information services globally to wholesale market participants, Africa Direct will focus and combine these resources to offer a holistic range of risk and execution services dedicated to the African financial and business markets.

ICAP Africa has established a reputation as the market leader in African broking and we have launched Africa Direct to build on this strength. Our strategy is to evolve with the markets, stay ahead of the competition and constantly strive to improve the range and the quality of our services.


What we do

Financial Derivatives Broking

Access the liquidity and expertise of the entire TP ICAP global network and relevant market intelligence.

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An extensive network and local knowledge ensure access to all kinds of funds and the right partners.

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Market Intelligence

Knowledge is power and our global network harvests huge amounts of commercially valuable data.

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Training Services

Relevant, high quality and practical educational courses online for the financial services sector across Africa.

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Objective and informed African risk management strategies and consultancy through AFXP.

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Digital Products

Access to crypto-currencies and stable coin, their futures and options and relevant market data and analytics.

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Our Offices

We are active across all major financial, energy and commodities asset classes, where our brokers match Buyers & Sellers and offer:

Best Price Discovery

Reliable, dealable prices across multiple currencies and products

Deep Pools of Liquidity

Access to the flows and volumes in each currency

Fast Execution

Real time, live quotations and efficient reliable transaction and confirmation

Invaluable Market Intelligence

Because knowledge is power, it protects and empowers and give you an edge!

Constant Development

Keeping abreast of developments and new products, including crypto-currencies and digital products


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