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Africa is a continent that is rich in fables, stories, anecdotes and concepts that helps its people make sense of the ever-changing fast-paced world they find themselves in.

One of the fundamental ideologies of African culture is Ubuntu. The concept of Ubuntu has deep historical and cultural roots in Africa. It is difficult to pinpoint a specific date for its introduction, as it has been part of African societies for centuries. It is an ancient philosophy and way of life that emphasizes the interconnectedness and interdependence of individuals within a community.

In recent times, the concept has become somewhat cliché, especially in South Africa. It has in some sense been commercialised and some do complain that it is overused and therefore has lost some of its cultural significance. There have been several sporting teams, grocery store franchises, restaurants as well as private sector organisations who have used the concept of Ubuntu in a few of their communication campaigns. This has led to the occasional yawn from some South Africans when they see the word on their screens or the material they read.

However, despite the tinges of commercialisation that many feel has watered it down, it is still held at the core of many Africans because of the deep-rooted philosophical principles it calls on people to exhibit. One can see it in the warm greetings shared between two strangers on the sidewalk in a sunny suburban area. Or the young man who helps a lady walk her groceries to her house, in the middle of winter, from the taxi stop even though the trip might be thirty minutes in the other direction.

Umuntu ngumuntu ngabantu loosely translated from Zulu means “I am because we are”. This means that all members in a community are only as strong as the sum of all the parts that make it up, working well together. Therefore, helping someone else means helping oneself.

ICAP Africa Direct strives to embody this principle in all their dealings internally as an organisation with external stakeholders.  The objective for the organisation will always be to evolve with the markets and exhibit transparency, connection and collaboration underpinned in driving sustainable solutions to all who interact with the services provided.

Nelson Mandela spelled out the concept of Ubuntu quite succinctly when he was quoted saying “Ubuntu does not mean that people should not address themselves and their needs. The larger question is, as an individual am I going to address my needs in a way that enables the greater community to improve?”

Let us all get involved in enabling the African financial ecosystem around us together in the spirit of this deeply rooted African concept.

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